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8mm film transfers at Image Pictures
8mm Film Transfer
Image Pictures can transfer 8mm and
super 8mm film as well as 16mm film with
sound. All transfers are done in house
so you can be assured that your
memories are safe with us. Transfers
can be in both SD (standard definition)
or HD (high definition). Regardless of
the final out put be it DVD or Blue Ray
our film transfer machine give us the
ability to get the highest quality transfer
for your film.
Graphic Design & Photo Editing
Choosing the right graphic design can be
the difference between a successful
marketing campaign and a flop. Color
layout font style and flow are all key
elements that make up a great graphic be
it print or web the impact should be the
same. You know when you see it but you
might not know why but a good graphic
design just stands out. Image Pictures has
talented designers that will listen to your
needs as a company or small business
and create a design that will wow your
customers and clients.
Graphic design by the creative staff at Image Pictures
preproduction planning and story boards
Preproduction Planning
Preproduction Planning is a major part
of the story telling process. Starting with
script writing then to drawing up story
boards followed by outlining the
production schedule. Image Pictures
understands the importance of good
planning we know it insures the success
of all of our productions. If you are
looking for just an artist to draw up story
boards or a script writer Image Pictures
can provide you with just the person you
are looking for. We have a long list of
talented people who we trust that assist
us in the production process. From
voice over talent to story board artists
contact us today for more information.
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